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What better way to prepare yourself for a globalized job market than with a globally relevant internship? Not only will you be exposed to the work experience required to perform in your desired industry, but you will meet people who have been involved in the business for years (if not most of their lives) while […]

Being foreigner is encountering with alterity all the time, whether in habits, in the way of expressing yourself, in food or in the way that people socialize. It is a process of feeling a complete strange, by being a new world, to an adaptation that makes the world not so strange, that is when everything […]

The experience of an exchange is an incredible explosion of learning. In addition to providing you the insertion in a completely different environment than you’re used to, contact with people who think differently from you makes you grow and seeing other points of view. experiência de um intercâmbio é uma explosão incrível de aprendizado. More […]

A minha experiencia como intercambista foi SENSACIONAL! No ano de 2011, estava cursando a faculdade de direito e decidi trancar por um ano para poder morar em um outro país e conhecer um pouco mais do que o mundo pode oferecer. O país que eu escolhi foi a Austrália. Quando cheguei lá ainda estava com […]

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