Jobs in Brazil for foreigners

Are you looking for full time jobs in Brazil as a foreigner? Would you like to work here and start your career in Brazil? We can help you out!

Brazilian companies are looking for talents from all over the world in different areas, specially to fill positions in companies that are expanding  worldwide. Areas like programming, international trade and business development are areas where foreigners have more opportunities in Brazil. Knowing the potential buyer market in your home country can do the difference and help you get a position here. Are you from other areas? Well, just apply for our program and we will see how we can help you out!

Reasons to start your job in Brazil

  • Not all companies are recruiting international workers from abroad in Brazil. Intern Brazil is helping to spread this worldwide culture.
  • You will have support in case you need
  • Proven happy client base

Before you apply for a full time job in Brazil as a foreigner, you have to comply with our requirements:

You will need to prove that you have work experience before you can apply for a full time position in Brazil. Proof of qualification and professional experience must be made through diplomas, certificates or statements from the entities in which the immigrant has performed activities, demonstrating the fulfillment of one of the following requirements:

I - master's, doctorate or higher degree compatible with the activity you will perform; or
II - completion of a postgraduate course, with a minimum of 360 (three hundred and sixty) hours and a minimum experience of 01 (one) year in the area of ​​specialization, compatible with the activity to be performed; or
III - higher education level and experience of at least 02 (two) years in the exercise of the profession, counting this period of completion of the undergraduate course that qualified him for this exercise; or IV - specific training in technical occupation and professional experience of at least 03 (three) years; or V - minimum education of 12 (twelve) years and professional experience of at least 04 (four) years in an occupation that does not require technical or higher level; or
VI - experience of at least three years in the profession, whose artistic or cultural activity does not depend on school education.



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