Tailor Made Internship Programs in Brazil

tailor made engineering program in brazilBright understanding

Through fast and clear communication, the right amount of support, it is our goal at Intern Brazil to fully understand you. After filling our application form, a series of interviews will happen to make sure that every step of the process is taken care of with care and dedication.

Local network

Intern Brazil is a Brazilian company and it has an extensive network of professionals, friends and contributors throughout Brazil. Not only we will find the right placement, but we will also extend our network for you to profit from it. If you have an entrepreneurial project aside in a different area and wish to talk to professionals in other professional areas, don’t forget to mention it during our Skype interviews and we will connect you to them.

Your preferences are taken into account at our program

Intern Brazil’s goal is to know the preferences, skills and knowledge of our clients by Skype interviews and close relationship. By discovering what suits them better, we will help them to improve their network and, as a consequence, their career.

Go beyond professional, explore the Brazilian culturevoando no rio

Although our focus is on the professional placements, what makes Intern Brazil unique is our ability to create each candidate a personally catered professional and cultural program. If you’d like to skydive, play sports, go to the gym, or learn new things, don’t forget to tell us and we will try our best to make it happen.

Pre-orientation meetings and culture adaptation

We understand the difficulties of being in a completely new place, with different ways of behaving and a completely different language, so we are here to help.

You will go through comprehensive pre-orientations and orientations and will be challenged to be specific about your career and personal goals. Intern Brazil’s good reputation among companies enables us to create special designed internship placements to guarantee you will be working in the exactly industry of your choice.

Walking through Intern Brazil’s doors is a lifetime experience. Our hands on attitude will mean the success of your Brazilian journey.