FAQ for companies

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  1. How long is the internship length?

    Frequently the internship program in Brazil lasts from 1 up to 4 months to be in accordance with the Brazilian law that requires enrollment with a Brazilian University for periods longer than 4 months.

  2. How long does it take to train the interns?

    The training process of each participant will depend on the participant skills and the organization of the company. However, we’ve noticed that the intern takes usually 1-2 weeks to be prepared to be on his/her own.

  3. Do you have specific dates for the internship?

    Intern Brazil’s program runs all year long. The dates are up to your company and the interns to set up.

  4. Are the internships paid?

    It is not a requirement for the internship placements to be paid. On the other hand, financial issues can be crucial for good candidates and we also encourage stipends as a form of acknowledgment.

  5. What kind of tasks can the intern perform?

    Intern Brazil works with top quality students who are flexible and updated with the new world market requirements. The tasks should be agreed between your company and the intern to guarantee maximum synergy. In addition, it is a requirement that the intern has well defined tasks on professional activities, where is given one or more challenging projects with a certain degree of autonomy.

  6. Are there any legal requirements?

    Intern Brazil will provide all the legal documents. The only requirement from your company is that the student’s work must be well defined and supervised by a tutor from your own company.

  7. How can my company join Intern Brazil’s program?

    Go to company registration, fill in the simple form and a responsible from Intern Brazil will soon contact you for further information.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.