We have put together a list of our most frequent asked questions. Below, you can find the answers. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to guarantee full understanding.

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  1. How long is the internship length?

    Frequently the internship program in Brazil lasts from 1 up to 4 months to be in accordance with the Brazilian law that requires enrollment with a Brazilian University for periods longer than 4 months.

  2. Do you have specific dates for the internship?

    Our program runs all year long. The dates are up to you and your host company to set up.

  3. I have already graduated from University. Can I still apply for an internship?

    An intern in Brazil is legally required to be enrolled in higher education (undergraduate or graduate school). If you are enrolled at a graduate program, then you are legally entitled to apply for an internship. If you aren’t, don’t hesitate to contact us to see all the existing possibilities.

  4. Are the internships paid?

    It is up to the company to set up a stipend for the internship. Intern Brazil offers both paid and unpaid internship placements.

  5. I am studying an area that is not listed in the website application form. Can you get a position for me?

    Usually Intern Brazil can offer internships in almost all areas. If your professional area is not listed as an option, please contact us, be specific about your field of preference and await our fast answer.

  6. How long does it take for my visa to be approved?

    The visa process may vary depending on each Brazilian Consulate. It is estimated that it will take a month after handing in the required documents.

  7. Do I need to know Portuguese to intern in Brazil?

    It is not a requirement for our program. Nevertheless, keep in mind that better Portuguese skills will enhance your experience in every way possible. Intern Brazil offers online and face to face Brazilian Portuguese lessons.

  8. What kinds of internship will I be working at?

    By having close contact with Brazilians, Intern Brazil will place you at the precise industry of your choice. Intern Brazil’s good reputation among the companies enables a wide range of quality internship placements. Tasks vary between shadowing directors, analyzing data, translating, leading new projects. The main goal of the internship is to align your personal preferences with the company’s needs.

  9. How do we proceed with my accommodation in Brazil?

    Intern Brazil offers mainly shared apartment, student residences and hotels/hostels as accommodation options. Every process is taken care to be well prepared before your arrival. Monthly costs will vary depending on your preferences and the city that you will be doing the internship. Payments are made directly to the host.

  10. How much does Intern Brazil’s program costs?

    Our programs are tailor made for each participant. Prices vary between 900 – 5700 USD.

    The first step for us to understand your needs and preferences as well as what we can or cannot offer and determine the price of your individual program is to fill in our application form.

  11. Is there a minimum amount of class that I need to enroll in in order to qualify for the student visa?

    This will depend on the University, most of them require you to sign up for at least two classes.

  12. I am interested in taking Portuguese classes, would that satisfy the class requirement for my visa?

    No. The Brazilian legislation requires you to be enrolled at a Brazilian University and the classes must be related to the area of your internship or your studies.

  13. Are there multiple different universities that Intern Brazil pairs students with in each city?

    We have different partnerships around Brazil. Our partner universities are private, have different sizes and offer classes in many areas of knowledge.

  14. How would taking a class work if the dates of my internship don’t align with the dates of a semester at the university?

    You would have the chance to take classes as our partnership companies understand that an internship is aligned to educational development. Regardless the amount of classes you would be taken, they will not be in conflict with the internship schedule.

  15. How much does it cost to live in Brazil?

    The exchange rate of US Dollars and Euros to Brazilian Reais (BRL) is currently favorable for those coming to explore Brazil. Nevertheless, the price of living will depend drastically on the participant’s lifestyle. Brazil offers a wide variety of options to your daily basis needs, from options that are basic to really glamorous and exciting ones. A common range pointed by our participants is between 300 to 900 USD. Visit to see the cost of living in different cities throughout Braziland the world.