International Relations Internships in Brazil

international business

Brazil is a country made out of a mix of cultures. An internship there will teach you not only how to do business, but also how to daily live with many different cultures.

Home for many multi-nationals, Brazil was also the place for an investment of more than 784 millions BRL in startups in 2015. In the year before, foreign direct investment reached the mark of 62 billion USD.

International relations are everywhere from fast growing startups to big well-structured companies, everyone can profit from the global market in Brazil. For a local company, a different language can expand a company’s vision and market, but, furthermore, it allows the company  to embrace a different culture and the conglomerate of different points of view can enrich businesses and people.

Take the challenge to contribute with an international company or a local one trying to expand overseas. Do it for humanity and also for an international future leader: yourself. Start it now, by filling in our application form.