Why should I hire an International Intern?

High quality participants all over the world right at your company

Our participants are selected by an extensive and thorough process, in which only the very best pass at the final stage.

Even though Brazilian coffee is known worldwide for its quality, that is not the reason why your international intern choose to fly thousand of miles, so he could learn how to scan documents and taste that high quality beverage.

Their main goal is to work at your company to develop hard and soft skills

Living in an environment with different habits, languages and people, requires effort and initiative. Our candidates are out of their comfort zone, willing to learn and profit the most out of their experience in another country.

They seek and bring knowledge. Stimulus. Someone from another reality, full of new ways of doing things and new techniques, creates constructive movements of team building and motivation.

The training sessions can start before the arrival in Brazil

With an innovative methodology to help companies extract the best out of their international interns, Intern Brazil can offer services that will boost the performance of the intern when he arrives in Brazil, that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Online training sessions before the arrival
  • Determining goals and projects for the intern to accomplish during his stay in Brazil
  • Performance evaluations

Your team will be flattered to share their knowledge

It is really common to see that the confidence and the self-esteem of your local employees arises when in contact with our participants. It happens because the human being feels valued when people from another country fly thousands of miles to watch and learn about their job.

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