Brazil is a mix of cultures and its diversity can be tasted on its food variety.

Influence of old immigrants

Italian cuisine has the major influence on Brazilian dishes (you can always find good pasta almost everywhere). Brazilian food is also influenced by the Japanese, Chinese and even the Arabian cuisine.

Obviously you can also find global fast food chains all over Brazil, but our advice to you is: get ready for a healthier diet.

Fruits and vegetables: prepare yourself to get in shape

Brazil is a tropical country with extensive land: it offers a rich diversity of fruits and vegetables, that can all be bought for a bargain price!

Coconut water can be drank in city parks and you can also find it in almost every beach in Brazil. Also, don’t forget to try the Sugar Cane juice – sweet and energizing.

gavaDiscover the Goiaba (Guava) fruit (see picture) and all recipes that use this delicious fruit. Brazilians call “Romeo and Juliet” a really simple dish, which is made of a slice of goiabada (a jelly made of the goiaba fruit) on top of a slice of cheese.

Besides the many fruits and diversity of salads, don’t forget that Brazil is the second world’s largest producer of cattle (only behind India, whose population doesn’t eat cattle beef) and the propensity that Brazilians have for barbecues, or “churrascos”. If you come to Brazil, you will definitely enjoy home made barbecues along with friends, drinking a “caipirinha”. If your friends are not in the mood for a party and you just want to enjoy a good meat, get delightful at the Brazilians churrascarias.

Daily diet

Daily lunch for most Brazilians will often have one kind of meat, vegetables and the traditional rice and beans. Regular daily food in Brazil tend to be healthier, specially when compared to the US. Coming to Brazil can also be an opportunity to take better care of your health and diet.

comida brasileira

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